Monday, January 2, 2012

Harvest moon DS

Hello once again and Happy holidays!

Now you're probably annoyed that there is no creatures update but I'm on holiday so I don't have a scanner for my pictures. But I found an old game on my mothers laptop and because I have limited internet its the only game I can play.

So this is harvest moon for Nintendo DS.
I have played probably every harvest moon before this and this is the best so far. And out of all the harvest moon games I've played this is the second best only to it's female counter-part Harvest moon DS cute (which has more bug fixes and some new additions). And I was surprised when reading on the internet that it is possible to plugin Harvest moon friends of mineral town which gives you the ability to marry the girls from mineral town! This is a pretty epic game and I recommend you try it out. Remember if you download it for free off the internet the make sure to delete it after 24 hours or it's illegal. (But some people may just keep it regardless ;) )